The sea around the island is great for diving. Biru Meno offers its own diving courses for beginners and more experienced divers. Biru Meno is the base of a five star (Padi) diving school. Under the guidance of experienced diving instructors you can reach over 15 beautiful diving spots around the Gilis.

Beautiful underwater life is easily accessible from the beaches, although the currents between the islands are not to be underestimated and therefore snorkelling should only be undertaken with caution.
The three best snorkelling spots are Meno Wall, which is famous for seeing the big sea turtle, Meno Slope and Cabbage Coral Patch. Meno Wall and Meno Slope are located on the western coast of the island. Cabbage Coral Patch is on the north eastern coast.

But even if you go snorkelling just in front of Biru Meno you will be surprised by the vast variety of marine life. Snorkelling gear can be rented from Biru Meno.

You can go for a walk across Gili Meno.There are beautiful white sand beaches mostly all around the island. Perfect for swimming, snorkelling, diving or just sunbathing.

Little Warungs (Café/Restaurants) are everywhere in walking distance to accommodate your every need with their tasty Indonesian food and cold drinks. As you can imagine fresh fish and seafood are always on the menu.

In its centre you will find a salt lake and the Taman Burung Gili Meno Bird Park with its colourful and exotic collection from the Australasian region.